Complete logging service by De Proft-Schouppe

Purchase and sale, tree felling, transport, export, clearing up and replanting


Forest management, from felling to replanting

Purchase and sale

We buy and sell hardwood, such as oak, beech or ash and poplar, with customers all over Belgium and Northern France.

Harvesting and sawing to size

During logging, trees to be felled are marked. We cut and process felled trees according to the customer’s wishes. We have the right equipment ready for each site.

Removal of timber harvest

After felling, we carefully drag the felled trees out of the forest and collect the wood harvest on the side of the road, so that the logs can easily be loaded afterwards.

Loading logs

After the cut logs have been measured and cut to size, we load them up, ready for transport.

View a video of charging wood here

Transport in Belgium

We are also entirely responsible for transporting the wood. For example, we can supply or export your purchased and cut-to-size timber from our customers anywhere in Belgium.


We export logs via the port by container transport or bulk transport, after which they leave by boat for Egypt, China, India, Vietnam and other countries.

Clearing up green and wood waste

We ensure a complete clean-up of the site, with the wood waste being chopped up, disposed of and processed in an environmentally friendly manner.


After harvesting you can of course also come to us for replanting trees.

As an approved logging firm, De Proft-Schouppe is responsible for the complete management of the forest. Contact us for more information!