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Sale of logs

We sell hardwood and softwood (poplar)


Buying wood?

De Proft-Schouppe sells logs: you can contact us for both hardwood (oak, beech, ash, etc.) and softwood (poplar). We saw your wood according to your specifications.

Buying poplar

Poplar (Populus euamericana, trichocarpa, robusta, serotina, etc.) is a soft wood. This lightweight wood has a low rating for strength, hardness, shock absorption, decay resistance and steam bending, with an average “movement” when used. Poplar wood is characterised by a straight grain, a woolly appearance with a fine, even texture, creamy white to light brown heartwood and sapwood. Poplars must be peeled, chopped wet and stored. The Belgian poplar plantations represent a significant proportion at European level. We can also offer you European black poplar, Canadian poplar, “balsam poplar, cottonwood”. We have large-diameter poplars available.

Buying European oak

European oak (Quercus petraea) is delivered directly from the forest to the customer. We guarantee you attractive prices and a sound origin. Oak is characterised by a fine and straight grain, a bright colour and a centred and sound core.

Buying European beech

European beech (Fagus sylvatica) is one of the most sensitive wood species. That is why the trade in beech is carried out according to strict planning. We can certainly help you if you inform us long enough in advance. The selection can be made in the forest. We then saw the stumps according to your wishes in terms of length, diameter, quality and thickness.

Buying European cherry

European cherry (Prunus avium) is a precious wood species, which is not found in large numbers. Cherry wood is recognisable by its beautiful structure and warm pink-brown colour. This type of wood is usually used for furniture and custom work, such as kitchens or wall decoration. In forests with oak and beech we regularly have a number of beautiful specimens at a very attractive price.

Buying European ash

European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) is perfect for interior joinery, stairs, furniture and floors. Ash is very strong. This explains why it is often used for the handles of tools, sports equipment and ladder rungs. European ash also looks very decorative, with a nice lively structure. It can be recognised by its typical brown colour, with an olive colour around the core. We can also select white stumps for you.


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